n. & v.
1 the bone at a finger-joint, esp. that adjoining the hand.
2 a a projection of the carpal or tarsal joint of a quadruped. b a joint of meat consisting of this with the adjoining parts, esp. of bacon or pork.
— strike, press, or rub with the knuckles.
Phrases and idioms:
go the knuckle Austral. sl. fight, punch. knuckle-bone
1 bone forming a knuckle.
2 the bone of a sheep or other animal corresponding to or resembling a knuckle.
3 a knuckle of meat.
1 animal knuckle-bones used in the game of jacks.
2 the game of jacks. knuckle down (often foll.
by to)
1 apply oneself seriously (to a task etc.).
2 (also knuckle under) give in; submit. knuckle sandwich sl. a punch in the mouth. rap on (or over) the knuckles see RAP(1).
knuckly adj.
Etymology: ME knokel f. MLG, MDu. knoumlkel, dimin. of knoke bone

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